Unibright opens BeNeLux Office

3 min readAug 10, 2021

Alkmaar, August 2021. Unibright expands into BeNeLux with an office in the Netherlands — run by Unibright’s long time team member and community Manager Jack Wiering — to ensure short lines of communication with regulators, prospect customers and greater brand awareness in Dutch and Benelux blockchain ecosystem.

Unibright’s offerings around Baseledger open up new opportunities for business integration that include third parties (like auditors or regulators) to participate in a business process under limited or zero knowledge. One example use-case is gathering and safeguarding the required proof to substantiate the 0% EU VAT rate in case of cross-border supply of goods between business entrepreneurs.

A lot of these initiatives and use-cases are driven from the BeNeLux area, being home of many EU regulators and for example the Port of Rotterdam as the largest seaport in Europe and the largest outside of Asia, located in the city of Rotterdam in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is a progressive country in terms of technological innovation (and interestingly especially in the field of low-code software), and the European subsidiary of Unibright’s closest partner Provide is also located in Luxembourg.

The office in Alkmaar will be run by Jack Wiering:

“I am extremely proud to represent Unibright in the Benelux. Besides my role within the community, I will commit myself for more than 100% to make Unibright a household name in the Benelux. There is certainly a lot of work to do, but when I see how we are developing I’m convinced we succeed!”

Unibright Benelux already joined the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, as stated in this press release: https://dutchblockchaincoalition.org/nieuws/unibright-sluit-zich-aan-bij-de-dutch-blockchain-coalition

We are working actively on being a unifying factor for blockchain collaboration between Germany and BeNeLux, as Unibright is now based in both countries and active in the respective government bodies (Bundesblock, DBC and Inatba).

Business Contact:
Unibright BeNeLux
Jack Wiering
De Telefooncentrale
Koelmalaan 350 Unit 1.06
1812PS Alkmaar

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