Unibright answers: Marketing and Communication.

In our blog about our strategy on community updates, we announced to have an “Answers to your questions” blog series, elaborating on the most interesting or frequently asked questions. We announced to start that series on Friday 8th, but already started two days ago, answering questions towards exchanges. Today we address our marketing and communication strategy.

What are your plans on marketing and communication?

First of all: we know that marketing after an ICO is just as important as during an ICO. When we were travelling the world in the first months of this year, preparing and promoting our token launch, all marketing aspects were focused on explaining our idea, our history and of course the token.

With the succesful and sold out token launch, our main idea was (and still is) to prove our promises and do marketing by telling success stories of the Unibright framework itself!

What we underestimated, is the different feelings concerning what a “fast” update and “latest” news are. We develop our product on a scrum setup (you can read this blog entry for details), and running 2-week-sprints and give bi-weekly updates on the state of development feels quite fast and frequent for a team that mainly consists of “techies” ;-)

But regarding the feedback of our community we decided to set up a communication strategy that gives short daily updates on different subjects (not only development, but also clients, partners, conferences, listings, …) and also to present these daily updates on a timeline on our website. We have just kicked-off this new process, we will enhance the website with the timeline and then do updates on a more frequent base. We work on this parallel to our work on the framework and ask for some days until you see the first results.

By doing so, we want to get you, the Unibright community, closer to the team, and as this proposal came out of the community we want to say: Thank you, we understood — we are working on it!

We will also scale up teamwise. We are currently in talks with some great marketing advisors that help us hire more team power to full-time address marketing. We will also work with dedicated external agencies taking care of both the “classical” media and crypto-related channels.

As promised in our token launch, we will use a significant part of the raised funds (15%) for marketing and another 15% for incentivising pilot projects. And these pilots do also have a marketing effect: we are choosing the pilots not only about their benefit to us as a company, but also about their will to share our collaboration and to be able to use it for marketing purposes. We want to provide best quality and we want our pilots to talk about what we have done!

Which channels you want to cover for marketing and communication?

We will of course deliver to all established channels so far:

  • Medium
  • Telegram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Newsletter
  • Events
  • Personal appearances on conferences and meetups

But as Joey, one of our community members put it:

“The brutal truth today is that most people find it easier to watch videos than to read articles. Also a video is something that is very easy to share on Twitter and other Social Media platforms. Please also have info graphics created so that we the community members can easily share them.”

Thank you Joey, for this valuable info! We will definitely increase the amount on videos and graphics to help the community spread the word about Unibright!

How to engage community and new markets?

As stated before we will work on more partnerships, both with blockchain related projects and with business oriented projects (like our partnership with Microsoft Germany for example). We want to do more events like hackathons, conferences, meet-ups, interviews, just as we did during the token launch.

But to ensure that we are able to explore new spaces and showcase Unibright to people that haven’t heard about us yet, we will set up an Ambassador program.

This is also something that has been suggested out of our community, and we love the idea (thanks Ruud for all the input)! The idea is to find ambassadors for Unibright, individuals that are interested in and excited about what we do. We will empower them with the knowledge and marketing material to explain the Unibright Framework, we will support them on meetups in their region and help them building Unibright communities in regions we haven’t shown much presence until now!

Details about the Ambassador program will be announced soon, including how to apply for it, and what Ambassadors can expect from our side.

How can the community connect to the team?

Besides the future option to be an ambassador, you can meet us in the telegram channel. Obviously, the core team cannnot be present there 24/7, otherwise you should ask who is doing the actual work ;-)
But we are happy to have great admins who are totally able to answer 90% of your questions. If unanswered questions appear, the admins will hand them over to the team, and we will answer them in Telegram and in this blog series.

On top, we already announced to do a monthly live AMA, most probably on youtube. The first live AMA will be done on Friday, June 22nd, 2pm CEST (German Time). We will post some details on it (and where to place your questions) soon by a dedicated blog post.

Sum up

To bring more marketing and communication power to the world, Unibright will…

  • scale up the team on marketing side
  • work with external agencies as well
  • spend 30% of the funds raised into marketing purposes and pilot projects
  • give more frequent updates on what is going on
  • provide more video and graphic material
  • set up an ambassador programm
  • have the first live AMA on June 22nd



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