Blockchain and Business Adoption — our event with Zühlke Engineering (June 21st)

The leading question about Blockchain is the question about its application, use cases. Almost all companies are working on finding the silver bullet. We have an answer.

Being in the middle of 2018, we can state

  • Many companies have heard of blockchain and do not confuse it with crypto currencies anymore. Great start!
  • Interested IT specialists within the companies want to go for bringing blockchain technology to their domain, but still have to ask/convince their bosses if it’s ok to do so. A lot of know-how transfer is still in front of us!
  • We noticed that we still have to “sell” blockchain as a technology, besides promoting our own solution. Luckily our template based approach makes it easy for us to meet the potential customers at their domain and also motivate them to “try” out new things like moving parts of their processes into a blockchain.

The main problems for enterprises we address with Unibright still hold true

  • Developers are rare! Smart contract coding is hard and not comparable to usual development — Unibright generates code automatically!
  • Existing systems! Enterprises invested thousands to millions in their existing systems, sometimes planning ROI (return of investment) over 10 or more years. They will not switch off everything they have and move to blockchain for 100% — Unibright integrates existing off-chain systems automatically!
  • Different implementations and protocols! Looking at the current gartner hype cycle, blockchain technology is still 5–10 years away from mass adoption and reaching the “plateau of productivity”. It’s very hard for enterprises to decide for a specific protocol or implementation now, without knowing if this decision will last — with Unibright they can work on their processes independently from a specific blockchain!
  • Monitoring! With every new technology arising, the system landscapes get more and more complicated — with Unibright, we lower this “information hurdle” by giving an unified business intelligence view over all participating systems of a process, no matter if on- or off-chain!

So, what’s the conclusion?

  • Integrate the community: To gain mass adaption you need the masses! That’s why we not only create a product but also build a community around early adopters and blockchain enthusiasts, show up on conferences and events, do hackathons and public events like the one with Zühlke. We want to empower the Unibright community members to also work as ambassadors for blockchain technology.
  • Integrate partners: To really bring a new technology to the masses (= the enterprises) you need partners (technical, go-to-market, strategic, legal, marketing…) and let them participate on the adoption and growth. That’s why events like this one or our Hackathon with Microsoft make so much sense.
  • Integrate blockchains and other projects: Blockchain is an emerging market! Unibright is the perfect framework to include existing and new blockchain protocols as well as different ERP systems. It’s not about competition, it’s about opportunities!




Framework for Blockchain-based business integration.

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Framework for Blockchain-based business integration.

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