Baseledger Mainnet is live!

“It has been great work by all Unibright team members and all participants in the ever growing Baseledger ecosystem. We are proud and happy to have reached production state with Baseledger Mainnet and are very much looking forward to the next stage of the Unibright journey.”

Stefan Schmidt, Unibright CTO, adds:

“Baseledger is the latest addition to our complete tool set for blockchain based business integration. What started with the Unibright Framework in 2018 is now a complete ecosystem for enterprises that want to use blockchain for their integration processes.”

In the next weeks and months, it will all be about onboarding enterprises to Baseledger, expanding the network and the tools that come with it. Everyone is invited to make Baseledger an open, active and inclusive ecosystem and making it one of the prime solutions for enterprise blockchain usage!



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Framework for Blockchain-based business integration.